Se Yeong Chung

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BACKGROUND Elastography has shown potential in differentiating benign from malignant breast tumors, but interobserver variability between experienced and inexperienced readers limits its wide usage. PURPOSE To compare the diagnostic performance of computer-assisted quantification and visual assessment of lesion stiffness with the use of sonographic(More)
We evaluated the anatomic structures at risk during posterior plating of the cervical spine and outlined a safe technique for screw insertion. Three cadaveric specimens were evaluated anatomically and radiographically. Screws and wires were inserted into the articular masses at different locations and angulations. The relationship of the neurovascular(More)
BACKGROUND Microcalcifications detected at screening mammography are frequently diagnosed by means of a stereotactic biopsy. Ultrasound (US)-guided percutaneous breast biopsy has several advantages over stereotactic biopsy, e.g., it offers real-time needle visualization, improves patient comfort, the procedure time is generally considered to be shorter, and(More)
Thirty patients underwent fixation of the thoracic and lumbar spine from 1986 to 1990 using the Roy-Camille pedicular screw fixation system. The spine was stabilized for a variety of pathologic entities including fracture, tumor, spondylolisthesis, postlaminectomy instability, and pseudarthrosis. All but one patient obtained solid fusion based on(More)
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