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BACKGROUND & AIMS Although there has been some success with protein-based anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) therapeutics, the problems associated with protein-based drugs demand alternative approaches. We screened various herbal extracts for their ability to inhibit TNF-alpha secretions and found that BT-201, an n-butanol extract of Panax(More)
We performed the present study to investigate whether Pleurotus eryngii extracts (PEX) play a role in bone metabolism. PEX treatment showed increase in the alkaline phosphatase activity of the osteoblasts and in the osteocalcin mRNA expression from primary osteoblasts. PEX also increased the expression of the Runx2 gene, and the secretion of osteoprotegerin(More)
We formalize a string analysis within abstract interpretation framework. The abstraction of strings is given as a conjunction of predicates that describes the common configuration changes on the reference pushdown automaton while processing the strings. We also present a family of pushdown automata called bounded pushdown automata. This family covers all(More)
AIF has been formulated using three herbs known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-osteolytic effects. In this study, the potential therapeutic effects of AIF for rheumatoid arthritis were assessed in vitro and in vivo. The effects of AIF on the inflammation (TNF-alpha, IL-1, iNO), cartilage protection (MMP-13), and selective killing of activated T cells(More)
Modern vehicles are evolving with more electronic components than ever before (In this paper, “vehicle” means “automotive vehicle.” It is also equal to “car.”) One notable example is graphical processing unit (GPU), which is a key component to implement a digital cluster. To implement the digital cluster that(More)
DR-TCP is a new TCP implementation structure that focuses on reconfigurability and extensibility. To make TCP reconfigurable, we re-implement Reno based on a state machine model so that reconfiguration can be done by just modifying state transition table. As a result, DR-TCP can support dynamic reconfiguration without loss of connectivity and its overhead(More)
BACKGROUND The development of host-modulatory agents with low risk of adverse effects has been needed to treat periodontitis, a chronic inflammatory disease. A botanical mixture of extracts from two natural substances, Panax notoginseng and Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch, was developed as a novel botanical agent synthesized with anti-inflammatory effect. The(More)