Se-Won Kim

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A 75-year-old Korean man was referred to our hospital with cramping abdominal pain. His chest X-ray showed an abnormal air shadow above the diaphragm, and computed tomography showed an abdominal viscera in the pericardium. We performed surgery and confirmed peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia with small bowel strangulation. Postoperative course was(More)
Axin is a multifunctional protein that participates in many cellular events including Wnt signaling and cell fate determination. Aurora kinase inhibitor (AKI)-induced cell death and cell membrane rupture is facilitated in L929 cells expressing axin (L-axin cells) through the activation of poly ADP-ribose polymerase (PARP). We observed that caspase-2(More)
DR-TCP is a new TCP implementation structure that focuses on reconfigurability and extensibility. To make TCP reconfigurable, we re-implement Reno based on a state machine model so that reconfiguration can be done by just modifying state transition table. As a result, DR-TCP can support dynamic reconfiguration without loss of connec-tivity and its overhead(More)
Several commodity operating systems have used kernel extensions to extend or replace their functionalities. Generally, since the kernel extensions are executed in the same address space with the kernel, a mere fault in the extensions may lead the whole system to be corrupted. So naturally, studies on the kernel extension are mainly proposed with the goal of(More)
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