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In this paper, we propose a new more efficient steganography technique that can be applied in Internet environment. The new efficient technique can hide from 1 to 8 bits secret data per pixel, and has no distortion if the number of colors does not exceed 128. The proposed scheme first divides the secret data into several parts based on the number of colors(More)
Bisphosphonates are the first-line treatment for osteoporosis. Structurally, they are stable analogues of pyrophosphate and therefore exhibit a high affinity for bone mineral. They reduce bone loss by attenuating the ability of the osteoclast to resorb bone, decreasing activation frequency, and the rate of remodeling. Large prospective randomized(More)
Bisphosphonates are the most commonly prescribed medicines for osteoporosis and skeletal metastases. The drugs have also been shown to reduce cancer progression, but only in certain patient subgroups, suggesting that there is a molecular entity that mediates bisphosphonate action on tumor cells. Using connectivity mapping, we identified human epidermal(More)
CONTEXT Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is an autosomal recessive condition that arises from mutations in CYP21A2 gene, which encodes for the steroidogenic enzyme 21-hydroxylase. To prevent genital ambiguity in affected female fetuses, prenatal treatment with dexamethasone must begin on or before gestational week 9. Currently used chorionic villus(More)
A variety of human cancers, including nonsmall cell lung (NSCLC), breast, and colon cancers, are driven by the human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER) family of receptor tyrosine kinases. Having shown that bisphosphonates, a class of drugs used widely for the therapy of osteoporosis and metastatic bone disease, reduce cancer cell viability by targeting(More)
In this paper, we propose a new steganographic technique, Palette and Index Change (PIC) for a graycolor image based on 8-bit indexcolor. PIC can hide 3-bits per pixel and has high PSNR. PIC modifies indexes and palette's colors, and embeds secret data into a graycolor image. In our test, PIC had better quality than in previous schemes, and PIC can be also(More)
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