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OBJECT Thoracic ossification of the ligamentum flavum (OLF), a main cause of thoracic myelopathy, is an uncommon disease entity. It is seen mostly in East Asia, although the majority of reports have issued from Japan. In the present study, the clinical features and prognostic factors of thoracic OLF were examined in a large number of Korean patients. (More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT A number of studies have reported favorable surgical results for metastatic spinal tumors from various solid tumors. However, there are few data available on metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) from lung cancer despite its considerable frequency. PURPOSE The study aims to present the functional outcomes, survival time, and(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective case series. OBJECTIVE To compare the surgical outcomes of open-door and French-door cervical laminoplasty for decompressing multilevel cervical spinal cord compressions. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Cervical laminoplasty is an effective method for decompressing multilevel cervical spinal cord compressions. Laminoplasty is(More)
Correct rotational alignment of the femoral component is paramount to the success of total knee arthroplasty, but debate continues as to which method is the most reliable. The purpose of this study was to evaluate mechanical axis-derived rotational axis of the femoral component using an extramedullary femoral alignment guide system. Between 2009 and 2010,(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to identify preoperative factors significantly correlated with survival. We also aimed to evaluate the validity of the prognostic scores in the Tomita and Tokuhashi systems and discuss several aspects to improve the predictive accuracy of these systems. Moreover, we suggest modified criteria for selecting treatment strategies. METHODS(More)
We analyzed the long-term results of a single-surgeon series of 102 cementless total hip arthroplasties (THAs) performed using a sandwich-type alumina ceramic bearing. The prostheses involved a porous-coated acetabular socket, a polyethylene-alumina composite liner, a 28-mm alumina head, and a grit-blasted titanium-alloy stem. Mean patient age at the time(More)
PURPOSE Platelet-function suppression with antiplatelet therapy is effective in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease. Clopidogrel is a thienopyridine derivative that blocks platelet activation by adenosine diphosphate receptor binding. This study demonstrates the effects of generic clopidogrel bisulfate in comparison to branded clopidogrel(More)
OBJECTIVE To report a minimally invasive treatment option using percutaneous pedicle screw fixation with adjuvant treatment for metastatic thoraco-lumbar and lumbar spinal tumors. METHODS This is a retrospective study of charts of patients with spinal metastases. All were older than 18 years of age and were considered to have more than 3 months of life(More)
A young woman who had a delivery history 3 months previously presented with dyspnea and orthopnea. Initial findings of physical examination, chest radiography, and echocardiogram showed typical congestive heart failure with severe left ventricular (LV) dysfunction. At first, we considered peripartum cardiomyopathy because she had given birth to a baby 3(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis. PURPOSES To introduce the mini-open lateral approach for the anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF), and to investigate the advantages, technical pitfalls and complications by providing basic knowledge on extreme lateral interbody fusion (XLIF) or direct lumbar interbody fusion (DLIF). OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE(More)