Se Il Lee

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Ectropion or scleral show resulting from weakness of the lower eyelids is not uncommon after lower blepharoplasty or midface lift via blepharoplasty incision. Denervation of the pretarsal orbicularis oculi muscle (OOM) attributes to such complications. The authors analyzed 102 patients who underwent midface lift via lower blepharoplasty incision for the(More)
Odontoblasts function as mechanosensory receptors because of the expression of mechanosensitive channels in these cells. However, it is unclear if odontoblasts direct the signal transmission evoked by heat/cold or osmotic changes. This study investigated the effects of heat/cold or osmotic changes on calcium signaling and the functional expression of the(More)
Dynamic force microscopy (DFM) utilizes the dynamic response of a resonating probe tip as it approaches and retracts from a sample to measure the topography and material properties of a nanostructure. We present recent results based on nonlinear dynamical systems theory, computational continuation techniques and detailed experiments that yield new(More)
The problem of RNA genomes packaged inside spherical viruses is studied. The RNA-capsid attraction is assumed to be nonspecific and occurs at the inner capsid surface only. For weak attraction, RNA concentration is maximum at the center of the capsid to maximize their configurational entropy. For stronger attraction, RNA concentration peaks near the capsid(More)
BACKGROUND This study was proposed to evaluate the facial contour and electrophysiologic changes of the masseter and temporalis muscles before and after botulinum toxin A injection in the wide lower face (square face). METHODS The botulinum toxin A injections were performed on 10 patients for the treatment of square face with masseter hypertrophy. To(More)
The anatomical relationships of the orbital septum and levator aponeurosis has been studied in 40 eyelids subjected to blepharoplasty and corrective ptosis surgery by dissection in 10 cadavers and in histological sections. The orbital septum originates from the arcus marginalis of the frontal bone and consists of two layers. The whitish outer (superficial)(More)
This study was performed to investigate the etiologic agents, age distribution, clinical manifestations and seasonal occurrence of acute viral lower respiratory tract infections in children. We confirmed viral etiologies using nasopharyngeal aspirates in 237 patients of the ages of 15 years or younger who were hospitalized for acute lower respiratory tract(More)
Plump and muscular calves, a so-called radish-like leg, embarrass young women and cause a feeling of inferiority in Korea. Damage to motor nerves innervating a muscle makes the muscle paralyzed and dystrophic, with loss of muscle volume. The authors studied the morphometry of the motor branches of the tibial nerve innervating the gastrocnemius and soleus(More)
Transient diplopia, blepharoptosis, or both conditions are rare postoperative complications of blepharoplasty performed with the patient under local anesthesia. It has been hypothesized that some cases of postoperative diplopia and blepharoptosis could be attributed to the myotoxic effects of local anesthetics to the extraocular muscles and the levator(More)
BACKGROUND Skin injuries, such as lacerations due to trauma, are relatively common, and patients are very concerned about the resulting scars. Recently, the use of ablative and non-ablative lasers based on the fractional approach has been used to treat scars. In this study, the authors demonstrated the efficacy and safety of ablative fractional resurfacing(More)