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Plastic materials have the potential to substitute for glass substrates used in microfluidic and microTAS systems adding flexibility in materials' choices. Optical quality plastic materials with a low autofluorescence are crucial for optimal detection by fluorescence and laser induced fluorescence techniques. This paper summarizes a series of optical(More)
The patients of cardiovascular diseases is being on the rise due to the environmental changes and other several causes so that the death toll due to the diseases belongs to the big 3 causes of adults death in Korea. To be helpful to the prevention of the heart diseases, we hope to diagnose the cardiovascular diseases via the web applying the examination by(More)
A new low-dimensional feature representation technique is presented in this paper. Linear discriminant analysis is a popular feature extraction method. However, in the case of high dimensional data, the computational difficulty and the small sample size problem are often encountered. In order to solve these problems, we propose two dimensional direct LDA(More)
Injection molded poly(methylmethacrylate) (IM-PMMA), chips were evaluated as potential candidates for capillary electrophoresis disposable chip applications. Mass production and usage of plastic microchips depends on chip-to-chip reproducibility and on analysis accuracy. Several important properties of IM-PMMA chips were considered: fabrication quality(More)
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