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An Indoor Visible Light Communication Positioning System Using a RF Carrier Allocation Technique
We propose a new indoor positioning system utilizing VLC based on IM/DD in a line-of-sight environment, which was investigated by simulations and experiments. Expand
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Three-Dimensional Visible Light Indoor Localization Using AOA and RSS With Multiple Optical Receivers
A novel concept is proposed for integrating optical wireless visible light communications with 3-D indoor positioning using a single transmitter and multiple tilted optical receivers. Expand
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Indoor Location Estimation Based on LED Visible Light Communication Using Multiple Optical Receivers
An novel concept for integrating visible light produced by LEDs with indoor positioning using multiple optical receivers is presented in this study. Expand
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Outdoor Visible Light Communication for inter- vehicle communication using Controller Area Network
In this paper, we implemented the outdoor Visible Light Communication (VLC) system based on Controller Area Network (CAN) which is normally used in car, plane, ship, product line control system, medical device and industrial device. Expand
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High-resolution indoor positioning using light emitting diode visible light and camera image sensor
The authors propose a new high-resolution indoor positioning method based on visible light communication using two light emitting diode (LED) lightings and an image sensor of camera as a receiver.Expand
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Indoor three-dimensional location estimation based on LED visible light communication
A novel concept for integrating visible light communications (VLC) with three-dimensional indoor positioning is presented. Expand
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Mitigation of Inter-Cell Interference Utilizing Carrier Allocation in Visible Light Communication System
We propose a carrier allocation-visible light communication system in which different RF carriers are adopted for signal modulation in each cell in order to mitigate inter-cell interference. Expand
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Visible light based high accuracy indoor localization using the extinction ratio distributions of light signals
In this article, we propose an indoor location estimation algorithm that uses the signal extinction ratio distribution of LED-based visible light communication to improve the positioning accuracy. Expand
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Indoor positioning system based on visible light using location code
We present experimental results that demonstrate the feasibility of proposed system to estimate local position with a high accuracy for location based service. Expand
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Optical Pulse Width Modulated Multilevel Transmission in CIS-Based VLC
We propose an optical pulse width modulated multilevel transmission scheme based on binary-level signaling in the Tx to relax these problems. Expand
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