Se-Hong Min

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Certain voltage-activated Ca2+ channels have been reported to act as potential zinc entry routes. However, it remains to be determined whether zinc can permeate individual Ca2+ channel isoforms. We expressed recombinant Ca2+ channel isoforms in Xenopus oocytes and attempted to record zinc currents from them using a two-electrode voltage clamp method. We(More)
The Cav1.2 Ca2+ channel is essential for cardiac and smooth muscle contractility and many physiological functions. We mutated single, double, and quadruple sites of the four potential Asn (N)-glycosylation sites in the rabbit Cav1.2 into Gln (Q) to explore the effects of Nglycosylation. When a single mutant (N124Q, N299Q, N1359Q, or N1410Q) or Cav1.2/WT was(More)
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