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Configuration-dependent nonlinear coefficient matrices in the dynamic equation of a robot manipulator impose computational burden in real-time implementation of tracking control based on the inverse dynamics controller (IDC). However, parallel manipulators such as a Stewart platform have relatively small workspace compared to serial manipulators. Based on(More)
The solvation free energy density (SFED) model was modified to extend its applicability and predictability. The parametrization process was performed with a large, diverse set of solvation free energies that included highly polar and ionic molecules. The mean absolute error for 1200 solvation free energies of the 379 neutral molecules in 9 organic solvents(More)
We developed surface grid-based solvation free energy density (Surface-SFED) models for 36 commonly used polar solvents. The parametrization was performed with a large and diverse set of experimental solvation free energies mainly consisting of combinations of polar solvent and multipolar solute. Therefore, the contribution of hydrogen bonds was dominant in(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of fingertip light touch on the postural control in poststroke patients. [Subjects] In the study, the subjects were recruited through a rehabilitation hospital, and 21 patients were screened from among 30 volunteers. [Methods] The subjects participated in an experiment that measured(More)
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