Se Dong Min

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The electro-conductive fabric (e-textile or e-fabric) as an electrode for ECG measurement is one of the best application for ubiquitous healthcare system. However, it is difficult to measure the bio-signal due to its sensitivity variation caused by impedance change, especially by motion of the subject. In this paper, adaptive motion artifacts reduction(More)
We proposed non-contacting respiration signal monitoring system for sleep apnea syndrome. Experiments were conducted by emitting 40 kHz ultrasound beam, which is set tone burst mode by 1 ms period to a subject chest. Normal respiration condition and a simulated sleep apnea syndrome condition were measured while subjects were holding breath. To obtain the(More)
This study investigates a medical headlamp which is designed to adjust LED light automatically on the X axis and Y axis plane as determined a surgeon during a surgery. The needs of surgeons are determined through a CMOS camera which detects the movement of the eye. The system is composed of a mechanical actuator and an electrical control center. The LED(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies have been conducted regarding a heartbeat classification algorithm over the past several decades. However, many algorithms have also been studied to acquire robust performance, as biosignals have a large amount of variation among individuals. Various methods have been proposed to reduce the differences coming from personal(More)
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