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The estimation of effort is at the heart of project tasks, since it is used for many purposes such as cost estimation, budgeting, monitoring, project planning, control and software investments. Researchers analyze problems of the estimation, propose new models and use new techniques to improve estimation accuracy. However, effort estimation problem is not(More)
Although functional size is the primary input for effort and cost estimation formulas, the relation between functional size and development effort does not always hold in practice. Calculating the magnitude of functional similarity is perceived as a partial solution to overcome this problem. In this study we applied different approaches to identify the(More)
Özet. Maliyet ve bütçe tahminleri, süreç kıyaslama ve proje kontrolü gibi yazılım proje yönetimi aktivitelerinin pek çoğu yazılım işlevsel büyüklük ölçümlerine bağlı olduğu için bu değerin ölçümü ve güvenilirliği çok önemlidir. Bu sebeple, İşlevsel büyüklük ölçümlerin güvenilirliğini artırmak için, ölçüm sürecinin sonunda büyüklük dokümanları kontrol(More)
Reliability of functional size measurement is very crucial since software management activities such as cost and budget estimations, process benchmarking and project control depend on software size measurements. In order to improve the reliability of functional size measurements, they should be controlled and reviewed at the end of the measurement process.(More)
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