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A total of 80 dry-cured duck breasts were used in this study. The gross composition, color and textural parameters, fatty acid and amino acid profiles, macro- and micromineral content, and sensory properties were analyzed. In comparison with other dry-cured meat products made from cuts of whole meat, dry-cured duck breast is characterized by low moisture(More)
Bifunctional urea-based cinchona alkaloid derivatives have been shown to promote highly efficient DKR reactions of azalactones using an alcohol nucleophile. The optimum catalyst is remarkably insensitive to the steric bulk of the amino acid residue, allowing alanine-, methionine-, and phenylalanine-derived azalactones to undergo DKR with unprecedented(More)
In the presence of a highly efficient novel bifunctional organocatalyst at low loadings under mild conditions, enolizable homophthalic anhydrides can be added to a range of aromatic and aliphatic aldehydes to give dihydroisocoumarins, with excellent yields and diastereo- and enantiocontrol (up to 99% ee).
The first strategy for bringing about enantioselective azlactone dynamic kinetic resolution to generate orthogonally protected amino acids has been developed. In the presence of a C2-symmetric squaramide-based catalyst, benzyl alcohol reacts with novel yet readily prepared tetrachloroisopropoxycarbonyl-substituted azlactones to generate trapped phthalimide(More)
A significant improvement of the available organocatalytic methods (in terms of product substrate scope and product enantiomeric excess) for the generation of enantioenriched α-amino acid thioesters via the dynamic kinetic resolution of azlactones is reported. C-9 arylated cinchona alkaloid catalysts have been found to be considerably superior to other(More)
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