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Angiogenesis is essential for breast cancer metastases formation and is mediated by vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). We hypothesized that serum levels of VEGF and PGE2 are increased by the stress response to breast cancer surgery and attenuated by paravertebral anesthesia and analgesia (PVAA). Thirty women undergoing(More)
We present a system that improves on current document-centric Web search engine technology; adopting an entity-centric perspective , we are able to integrate data from both static and live sources into a coherent, interlinked information space. Users can then search and navigate the integrated information space through relationships, both existing and newly(More)
L ast St. Patrick's Day, traditional Irish musicians in Dublin, New York, and Paris were brought together in a concert transmitted live over the Internet to emigrants gathered in bars and halls around the world. The Paddynet, an Internet provider focused on Irish affairs, brought together musicians and audiences all over the world on what the organizers(More)
The growing number of datasets published on the Web as linked data brings both opportunities for high data availability and challenges inherent to querying data in a semantically heterogeneous and distributed environment. Approaches used for querying siloed databases fail at Web-scale because users don't have an a priori understanding of all the available(More)
INTRODUCTION Medication errors are a preventable cause of patient injury. In May 2003, as a result of a joint initiative by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, the Intercollegiate Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine and the Intensive Care Society, a new colour code chart for syringe(More)
Linked Data brings the promise of incorporating a new dimension to the Web where the availability of Web-scale data can determine a paradigmatic transformation of the Web and its applications. However, together with its opportunities, Linked Data brings inherent challenges in the way users and applications consume the available data. Users consuming Linked(More)
Energy Intelligence platforms can help organizations manage power consumption more efficiently by providing a functional view of the entire organization so that the energy consumption of business activities can be understood, changed, and reinvented to better support sustainable practices. Significant technical challenges exist in terms of information(More)
Over the past few years there has been a proliferation in the use of sensors within different applications. The increase in the quantity of sensor data makes it difficult for end users to understand situations within the environments where the sensors are deployed. Thus, there is a need for situation assessment mechanisms upon the sensor networks to assist(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Information professionals performing business activity related investigative analysis must routinely associate data from a diverse range of Web based general-interest business and financial information sources. XBRL has become an integral part of the financial data landscape. At the same time, Open Data initiatives have(More)
Keywords: Linked data Data interoperability Building energy analysis Building management Building information model Data as a service a b s t r a c t Within the operational phase buildings are now producing more data than ever before, from energy usage, utility information, occupancy patterns, weather data, etc. In order to manage a building holisti-cally(More)