Seán Duffy

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OBJECTIVE To explore the relationship between learning preferences, attitudes towards computers, and student evaluation of a computer-assisted instructional (CAI) program. CONTEXT A third year required clerkship in surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. METHODS A mixed-methods design combining attitudinal measures and qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Learning preference refers to how individuals choose to approach learning situations. Computer-aided instruction (CAI) permits the adaptation of educational content to individual student learning strategies. METHODS To determine if learning preference and computer attitude influence the acquisition of knowledge using CAI materials, a prototype(More)
A number of major distance learning programmes have been launched by the medical Royal Colleges for the purposes of training and/or continuing medical education. The most recent is 'StratOG', a modular programme published by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and aimed primarily at candidates for the part 2 RCOG Membership(More)
Mussel aquaculture has expanded worldwide and it is important to assess its impact on the water column and the planktonic food web to determine the sustainability of farming practices. Mussel farming may affect the planktonic food web indirectly by excreting bioavailable nutrients in the water column (a short-term effect) or by increasing nutrient effluxes(More)
One of the primary challenges for the tourism sector is to communicate with potential customers in a manner that is readily accessible to them. Tourism enterprises must ensure that the tourism product is presented and promoted in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Information and communication technology (ICT) applications play a critical(More)
Intraguild predation (IGP) is an omnivorous food web configuration in which the top predator consumes both a competitor (consumer) and a second prey that it shares with the competitor. This omnivorous configuration occurs frequently in food webs, but theory suggests that it is unstable unless stabilizing mechanisms exist that can decrease the strength of(More)
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