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Putative Pseudomonas spp. isolated predominantly from raw and processed milk were characterized by automated ribotyping and by biochemical reactions. Isolates were biochemically profiled using the Biolog system and API 20 NE and by determining the production of proteases, lipases, and lecithinases for each isolate. Isolates grouped into five coherent(More)
BACKGROUND The literature reveals that structured education programmes, such as DAFNE, result in many positive outcomes for people with Type 1 diabetes including a decrease in HbA1c levels and reductions in hypoglycaemia. While there is evidence that some of these outcomes are maintained we do not know at present what factors are most important over time.(More)
Botulinal neurotoxin continues to be a concern in food safety. The molecular biology of botulinal neurotoxin gene expression in Clostridium botuli-num is poorly understood. In this study, the transcriptional and translational kinetics of expression of type A botulinal neurotoxin by C. botulinum type A strains Hall A, 62A, and NCTC 2916 were determined(More)
We lift upper and lower estimates from linear functionals to n-homogeneous polynomials and using this result show that l ∞ is finitely represented in the space of n-homogeneous poly-nomials, n ≥ 2, for any infinite dimensional Banach space. Refinements are also given. The classical Dvoretsky spherical sections theorem [5,13] states that l 2 is finitely(More)
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