Sdeepta Kumar Swain

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The objective of present research work was to design and characterize the venlafaxine HCl-loaded sodium alginate-based mucoadhesive microcapsules by ionic gelation technique using HPMC K100M as mucoadhesive polymer. The Placket-Burman Design was applied for preliminary screening of the formulations and systematic optimization by using Box-Behnken Design.(More)
A combination of fusion and surface adsorption techniques was used to enhance the dissolution rate of cefuroxime axetil. Solid dispersions of cefuroxime axetil were prepared by two methods, namely fusion method using poloxamer 188 alone and combination of poloxamer 188 and Neusilin US2 by fusion and surface adsorption method. Solid dispersions were(More)
The objective of this study was to establish a validated stability-indicating LC method for routine analysis of amoxicillin trihydrate in bulk drug samples, different pharmaceutical formulations, and degradation kinetics of the drug under different ICH recommended stress conditions. Chromatographic separation was achieved by a Capacel Pak C18 column with(More)
Cystic duct stump or remnant gall bladder is, if not always, one of the important cause of postcholecystectomy symptoms. In laparoscopic era incidence of leaving long cystic duct stump has increased. Also difficult gall bladder surgeries often end up with incomplete removal of gall bladder. Magnetic resonance cholangiogram is an optimal diagnostic modality.(More)
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