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In contrast to animals, little is known about pattern formation in plants. Physiological and genetic data suggest the involvement of the phytohormone auxin in this process. Here, we characterize a novel member of the PIN family of putative auxin efflux carriers, Arabidopsis PIN4, that is localized in developing and mature root meristems. Atpin4 mutants are(More)
We describe a novel phenotype in Arabidopsis embryos homozygous for the temperature-sensitive topless-1 mutation. This mutation causes the transformation of the shoot pole into a root. Developing topless embryos fail to express markers for the shoot apical meristem (SHOOT MERISTEMLESS and UNUSUAL FLORAL ORGANS) and the hypocotyl (KNAT1). By contrast, the(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Colic is a serious disease syndrome in horses. Much of the mortality is associated with ischaemic-injured intestine during strangulating obstruction, yet there is limited understanding of the associated molecular events. Identification of differentially expressed genes during ischaemic injury should expand our understanding of(More)
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