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Mefluidide, a plant growth regulator, was evaluated in two cow-calf grazing trials and one herbage trial on smooth brome (Bromus inermis) pastures stocked at recommended densities in eastern Nebraska. Mefluidide-treated pasture increased cow and calf production during August of 1982 (P = .03) and calf production was greater during July of 1983 (P = .09).(More)
Due to continuous technology scaling, the interconnect delay and power reduction is becoming one of the most important design challenges. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for simultaneous multilayer interconnect spacing so that on the one hand the total power of interconnect is reduced and on the other hand, delay constraints are not violated. We(More)
An optical microscope is described that reveals contrast in the Mueller matrix images of a thin, transparent, or semi-transparent specimen located within an anisotropic object plane (anisotropic filter). The specimen changes the anisotropy of the filter and thereby produces contrast within the Mueller matrix images. Here we use an anisotropic filter(More)
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