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Network state may change rapidly in response to customer demands, load conditions or configuration changes. But the network must also ensure correctness conditions such as isolating tenants from each other and from critical services. Existing policy checkers cannot verify compliance in real time because of the need to collect “state” from the entire network(More)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) [3] is a protocol widely used in commercial operator networks to forward packets by matching link-specific labels in the packet header to outgoing links rather than through standard IP longest prefix matching. However, in existing networks, MPLS is implemented by full IP routers, since the MPLS control plane protocols(More)
We hypothesized that polymorphisms in 5 genes related to thrombolytic and inflammation pathways will independently influence occurrence, severity, and 3-month functional outcome in patients with ischemic stroke. This was a case-control design with ischemic stroke patients recruited from 4 public hospitals (n = 640) and community controls (n = 627). Baseline(More)
BACKGROUND Early identification of mood disorder post-stroke (MDPS) or its determinants could improve stroke outcomes. However, the natural history, prevalence and determinants of MDPS within the first weeks post-stroke require further investigation. METHODS Consecutive hospitalised stroke survivors were assessed within 2-5 days of stroke, and at 1 and 3(More)
BACKGROUND Quinine is commonly prescribed to the elderly for the treatment of benign nocturnal cramps, yet its use is not without complications. OBJECTIVE This article presents a case of quinine toxicity producing bilateral blindness, followed by a review of the adverse reactions associated with quinine use and its efficacy in treating benign nocturnal(More)
In this demo, we present Ripcord, a modular platform for rapidly prototyping scale-out data center networks. Ripcord enables researchers to build and evaluate new network features and topologies, using only commercially available hardware and open-source software. The Ripcord demo will show three examples of custom network functions, operating together, on(More)
Many data centers extensively use virtual machines (VMs), which provide the flexibility to move workload among physical servers. VMs can be placed to maximize application performance, power efficiency, or even fault tolerance. However, VMs are typically repositioned without considering network topology, congestion, or traffic routes. In this demo, we show(More)
Post-stroke homonymous visual field (PSHVF) loss has functional and driving implications for patients. Automated, as opposed to confrontational, assessment of PSHVF loss has the potential to provide a more reliable indicator for field loss and thus ability to drive. Sixty-one consecutive stroke admissions were assessed at 9 months post-stroke. Driving(More)
Spatio-temporal clustering of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sCJD) has been recognized and investigated previously in various global settings including Australia. Generally, despite often extensive investigation, explanations such as point source outbreaks and plausible case-to-case transmission links have not been identified to explain the apparently(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Platelets and components of the coagulation cascade are known to be instrumental in the pathogenesis of arterial occlusive disorders. The aim of this meta-analysis is to test the hypothesis that genetic variation in the platelet glycoprotein 1balpha and Factor VII genes influence the occurrence of ischemic stroke. All genetic(More)