Scott Weiskopf

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Two studies examined the organization of color perception in 4-month-old human infants. In Study 1, infants looked at selected spectral stimuli repeatedly until their visual attention waned. The stimuli represented instances of basic adult hue categories - blue, green, yellow, and red. Following habituation, infants were shown a series of wavelengths which(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this report is to describe a rare case of delayed metachronous isolated metastases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) to the parotid gland and the cerebellum. The metastases occurred more than a decade after treatment of the primary tumor without any other systemic involvement. In addition, the potential differential diagnosis of the(More)
This article describes conventional procedures which are used for susceptibility testing of bacteria isolated from food producing animals against anti-infective substances. Interpretation of results obtained from the different test methods and the conditions necessary to conduct these tests in view of a meaningful resistance monitoring are discussed.(More)
This article describes the meaning of the term clinical breakpoint. This is followed by a discussion of the parameters that need to be considered when setting valid breakpoints for active substances in veterinary medicine; in doing so we closely follow equivalent regulations and guidelines on the establishment of breakpoints in human medicine. Along with(More)
Eight middle class infants were administered a series of tasks over a nine month period from 5 to 14 months of age. Major procedures included object permanence, vacillation, memory for locations and pictures, and reaction to unfamiliar adults and to separation. The results suggested that during the last half of the first year there is a major enhancement in(More)
This paper describes the most important criteria for the planning of statistically sound and representative studies on the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among pathogenic bacteria from animals. The statistical design of the study is of particular importance and therefore described in some detail. The existing published data about antimicrobial(More)
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