Scott Wakelin

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The advanced encryption standard makes repeated use of a performance limiting randomization step, SubBytes, which invokes an S-box logic junction to scramble 8 data inputs. This paper introduces a new method for implementing S-box (and a variant, called T-box) logic functions. The method is as fast as previous methods, but uses only one quarter of the gates(More)
Experimental details are presented of the measured performance of a novel implementation of a cascadable module for the one-dimensional perfect shuffle of a two-dimensional array of optical signals. The design uses an anamorphic telescope to correct the difference in pitch in the two axes resulting from an image split and recombine operation performed with(More)
An optical circuit is successfully operated by interconnecting two arrays of 128 symmetric self-electro-opticeffect devices. The holographic interconnect used in this cellular-logic image processor is described. The design issues (noise orders, efficiency, and ease of alignment) associated with the interconnect and and extensions of it are discussed.
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