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Manual refactoring is a complicated process requiring intimate knowledge of the software design and underlying intended behavior of a system. This knowledge is not always available. Fully automated refactoring, using a meta-heuristic based search that is dependent on software quality metrics and code smells as a guide, eliminates the need for the developer(More)
Software engineering is a continually evolving discipline, wherein researchers and members of industry are working towards defining and refining what are known as "best practices." Best practices are the set of known correct engineering techniques that lead to quality software. When a software artifact is produced, it becomes temporally locked into a(More)
In this paper, we present a comparison of five different approaches to extracting decision trees from diagnostic Bayesian nets, including an approach based on the dependency structure of the network itself. With this approach, attributes used in branching the decision tree are selected by a weighted information gain metric computed based upon an associated(More)
An important aspect of community analysis is not only determining the communities within the network, but also sub-communities and hierarchies. We present an approach for finding hierarchies in social networks that uses work from random matrix theory to estimate the number of clusters. The method analyzes the spectral fingerprint of the network to determine(More)
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