Scott W Wagnon

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Direct measurements of intermediates of ignition are challenging experimental objectives, yet such measurements are critical for understanding fuel decomposition and oxidation pathways. This work presents experimental results, obtained using the University of Michigan Rapid Compression Facility, of ignition delay times and intermediates formed during the(More)
Chemical structure and bond location are well-known to impact combustion reactivity. The current work presents new experimental autoignition and speciation data on the three trans-hexene isomers (1-hexene, trans-2-hexene, and trans-3-hexene), which describe the effects of the location of the carbon-carbon double bond. Experiments were conducted with the(More)
High-speed gas sampling experiments to measure the intermediate products formed during fuel decomposition remain challenging yet important experimental objectives. This article presents new speciation data on two important fuel reference compounds, n-heptane and n-butanol, at practical thermodynamic conditions of 700 K and 9 atm, for stoichiometric(More)
Ethanol remains the most important alternative fuel for the transportation sector. This work presents new experimental data on ethanol ignition, including stable species measurements, obtained with the University of Michigan rapid compression facility. Ignition delay times were determined from pressure histories of ignition experiments with stoichiometric(More)
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