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A new generation of designer phenethylamines have emerged and aggressively marketed as “legal highs.” The drugs are labeled “not for human consumption” to avoid widespread recognition and prosecution under the existing analog drug laws. The newest generation includes methylone and butylone. Methylone and butylone have minor structural changes and similar(More)
The first isolation of a naturally occurring phosphonate in 1959 led rapidly to the discovery of a variety of metabolites containing a phosphorus-carbon bond. Phosphonates have been found in bacteria, fungi, and higher organisms such as the snail schistosome vector Biomphalaria. The biosynthetic path to the P-C bond has, however, remained undefined. Thus(More)
The filamentous fungal ascomycete Colletotrichum magna causes anthracnose in cucurbit plants. Isolation of a nonpathogenic mutant of this species (path-1) resulted in maintained wild-type levels of in vitro sporulation, spore adhesion, appressorial formation, and infection. Path-1 grew throughout host tissues as an endophyte and retained the wild-type host(More)
Sprouty proteins are potent receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors that antagonize growth factor signaling and are involved in lung development. However, little is known about the regulation or targets of Sprouty-4 (Spry4) in lung cancer. Our study aimed to determine the role of Spry4 in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). We found that Spry4 mRNA expression(More)
HLA class II molecules are a highly polymorphic family of dimeric cell-surface proteins primarily involved in regulating T-cell responses to extrinsic antigens. To define regions of class II molecules involved in T-cell recognition, we have now compared sequences of three HLA DR beta cDNA clones obtained from cells that all express the same serologically(More)
BACKGROUND Catatonia is a often a complex syndrome. It has been divided into categories of simple and malignant, with the latter being a more severe form involving autonomic instability and/or fever and having a higher mortality rate. OBJECTIVE There have been only two cases presented in the literature postulating benzodiazepine-withdrawal as a possible(More)
In this paper, we ask what role an endogenous money multiplier plays for the estimated welfare cost of inflation. 1 The model is a variant of that used by Freeman and Kydland (2000), with inside and outside money in the spirit of Freeman and Huffman (1991). Unlike models in which the money-output link comes from either sticky prices or fixed money holdings,(More)
We present hydrographic and optical data collected concurrently from two different platforms, the R/P FLoating Instrument Platform and the R/V Kilo Moana, located about 2km apart in the Santa Barbara Channel in California. We show that optical variability between the two platforms was due primarily to platform effects, specifically the breakdown of(More)
A. Wynne offered valuable comments and advice. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas or the Federal Reserve System. O nce the generally accepted framework within which to discuss macroeconomic policy and the centerpiece of every intermediate macro textbook , IS–LM analysis has become a source of controversy(More)
The behavioural rhythms of organisms are thought to be under strong selection, influenced by the rhythmicity of the environment. Such behavioural rhythms are well studied in isolated individuals under laboratory conditions, but free-living individuals have to temporally synchronize their activities with those of others, including potential mates,(More)