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Previous research has shown that a task-irrelevant sudden onset of an object will capture an observer's visual attention or draw it to that object (e.g., Yantis & Jonides, 1984). However, further research has demonstrated the apparent inability of an object with a task-irrelevant but unique color or luminance to capture attention (Jonides & Yantis, 1988).(More)
Normalised profiles have been measured using the Scanditronix diode array and the Wellhöfer ion chamber array for the Varian dynamic wedge. Agreement was of the order of 0.1% of central axis peak dose for an open beam at depth, 0.3% for a dynamic wedge field at depth, and up to 0.6% at the peak depth. The use of the arrays for data acquisition is discussed,(More)
We produce painterly images of 3D models by covering them in a particle system of brush strokes. Strokes move along with the original object, producing smooth animations. Strokes are rendered in multiple layers; higher layers show detail and appear in areas of high specular value. Strokes orient and curve themselves along edges and towards centers of light.(More)
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