Scott Thomas Matlock

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The Stereotyped Behavior Scale (SBS) is an empirically developed behavior rating scale for adolescents and adults with mental retardation (Rojahn, Tassé & Sturmey, 1997). Since the original publication, one item was deleted and two items were merged, leaving 24 items. In an additional change, severity scales were added to the frequency scales. In this(More)
The Facial Discrimination Task (FDT) (Erwin, R.J., Gur, R.C., Gur, R. E., Skolnick, B., Mawhinney-Hee, M., Smailis, J., 1992. Facial emotion discrimination: I. Task construction and behavioural findings in normal participants. Psychiatry Research 42, 231-240.) consists of standardized black-and-white photographs of Caucasian actors exhibiting happy, sad,(More)
In this study, the authors developed the Adult Scale of Hostility and Aggression Reactive-Proactive (A-SHARP). Sixty-one caregivers rated 512 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities on the A-SHARP. Exploratory factor analysis revealed 5 factors on the Problem Scale: (a) Verbal Aggression, (b) Physical Aggression, (c) Hostile Affect, (d)(More)
Recently, we described the development of the Adult Scale of Hostility and Aggression: Reactive/Proactive (A-SHARP) (Matlock & Aman, 2011). The A-SHARP was derived by factor analysis of ratings of 512 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), and its resulting five subscales were designated as (1) Verbal Aggression, (2) Physical(More)
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