Scott T. Wilkinson

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In 1997, Homeswest in western Australia and Murdoch University developed a project to construct low-allergen houses (LAHs) in a newly developed suburb. Before the construction of LAHs, all potential volatile organic compound (VOC) emission materials used in LAHs are required to be measured to ensure that they are low total VOC (TVOC) emission materials.(More)
Much of the sediment and nutrient load to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) lagoon happens during over bank floods, when discharge can be significantly underestimated by standard river gauges. This paper assesses the potential need for a flood load correction for 28 coastal rivers that discharge into the GBR lagoon. For each river, daily discharge was divided(More)
We describe observations carried out by the MOA group of the Galactic Bulge during 2000 that were designed to detect efficiently gravitational microlensing of faint stars in which the magnification is high and/or of short duration. These events are particularly useful for studies of extra-solar planets and faint stars. Approximately 17 deg were monitored at(More)
A search for extra-solar planets was carried out in three gravitational microlensing events of high magnification, MACHO 98–BLG–35, MACHO 99–LMC–2, and OGLE 00–BUL–12. Photometry was derived from observational images by the MOA and OGLE groups using an image subtraction technique. For MACHO 98–BLG–35, additional photometry derived from the MPS and PLANET(More)
Emerging techniques for integrating optoelectronic (OE) devices, analog interface circuitry, RF circuitry, and digital logic into ultra-mixed signal systems offers approaches toward and demonstrations of integrated optical interconnections in electrical microsystems. As rising data rates dictate the use of optical interconnections and interfaces at(More)
Gravitational microlensing events of high magnification have been shown to be promising targets for detecting extrasolar planets. However, only a few events of high magnification have been found using conventional survey techniques. Here we demonstrate that high magnification events can be readily found in microlensing surveys using a strategy that combines(More)
This paper presents a three-dimensional, highly parallel, optically interconnected system to process high-throughput stream data such as images. The vertical optical interconnections are realized using integrated optoelectronic devices operating at wavelengths to which silicon is transparent. These throughwafer optical signals are used to vertically(More)
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