Scott T. Rickard

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Binary time-frequency masks are powerful tools for the separation of sources from a single mixture. Perfect demixing via binary time-frequency masks is possible provided the time-frequency representations of the sources do not overlap: a condition we call W-disjoint orthogonality. We introduce here the concept of approximate W-disjoint orthogonality and(More)
We present a novel method for blind separation of any number of sources using only two mixtures. The method applies when sources are (W-)disjoint orthogonal, that is, when the supports of the (windowed) Fourier transform of any two signals in the mixture are disjoint sets. We show that, for anechoic mixtures of attenuated and delayed sources, the method(More)
Sparsity of representations of signals has been shown to be a key concept of fundamental importance in fields such as blind source separation, compression, sampling and signal analysis. The aim of this paper is to compare several commonly-used sparsity measures based on intuitive attributes. Intuitively, a sparse representation is one in which a small(More)
It is possible to blindly separate an arbitrary number of sources given just two anechoic mixtures provided the time-frequency representations of the sources do not overlap, a condition which we call W-disjoint orthogonality. We define a power weighted two-dimensional histogram constructed from the ratio of the time-frequency representations of the mixtures(More)
Source separation arises in a variety of signal processing applications, ranging from speech processing to medical image analysis. The separation of a superposition of multiple signals is accomplished by taking into account the structure of the mixing process and by making assumptions about the sources. When the information about the mixing process and(More)
Costas arrays are permutation matrices with ideal auto-ambiguity properties; No two of the the N choose 2 line segments between pairs of 1’s in the matrix have the same slope and length. This paper presents a search technique based on the periodicity properties of the existing construction techniques which finds previously unknown Costas arrays for N = 29,(More)
This study examined the effects of sustained high-intensity interval training (HIT) on the athletic performances and fuel utilisation of eight male endurance-trained cyclists. Before HIT, each subject undertook three baseline peak power output ${\dot W}_{\rm peak}$ tests and two simulated 40-km time-trial cycling performance (TT40) tests, of which the(More)
1. ABSTRACT A novel direction of arrival (DOA) technique is presented which constructs estimates of the relative delay mixing parameters associated with each signal by taking the ratio of time-frequency representations of two mixtures. The technique is based on the Degenerate Unmixing and Estimation Technique (DUET))1]. If the sources are W-disjoint(More)