Scott T. Nestler

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W present a multiattribute model called WholeSoldier Performance that measures the performance of junior enlisted soldiers in the U.S. Army; currently there is no formal performance appraisal system in place. The application is unique to decision analysis in that we utilize a common constructed scale and singledimensional value function for all attributes(More)
Historical data suggest that returns of stocks and indices are not distributed independent and identically Normal, as is commonly assumed. Instead, returns of financial assets are often skewed and have higher kurtosis. In this study, we investigate how the optimal investment choices in the federal government's Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) change when a(More)
Visualizing personal histories requires a tool that can present users with multiple time intervals along with supporting information. The Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) at the University of Maryland created LifeLines, a visualization tool for personal histories in 1994 to visualize youth records [7]. The software was recoded in 2003 to facilitate(More)
In den letzten Jahren wurden kleine Raumforderungen der Niere vermehrt als Zufallsbefund radiologischer oder sonographischer Untersuchungen mit anderer Zielsetzung detektiert. Die organerhaltende Nierentumorresektion hat sich in Form der offenen partiellen Nephrektomie (OPN) international als Referenzstandard der Therapie von Nierentumoren < 7 cm etabliert.(More)
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