Scott T. Campbell

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The Gillette Gait Index uses principle components analysis of 16 variables to determine the deviation of an individual's gait compared to a normal control set. Previous literature has not reported on the effects of altering the size of the control set used to create the principle components, or described the effects of using less than the maximum number of(More)
CONTEXT Force platforms and 3-dimensional motion-capture systems provide an accurate method of quantifying postural stability. Substantial cost, space, time to administer, and need for trained personnel limit widespread use of biomechanical techniques in the assessment of postural stability in clinical or field environments. OBJECTIVE To determine whether(More)
ABSTRACT As high-throughput technologies have developed in the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for identification of possible metabolites using predominantly liquid chromatographic/mass spectrometry-mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (LC/MS-MS/MS) for a large number of molecules in drug discovery has also increased. In parallel, computational(More)
Warm-up and stretching are widely used as techniques in preparation for intense physical activity, yet there is little information available to compare their effectiveness in relation to athletic performance. Fourteen elite Under-19 year old rugby league footballers undertook each of four preparation protocols (no preparation, stretching only, warm-up only,(More)
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