Scott Sigmund Gartner

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We investigate the impact of U.S. bombing on later economic development in Vietnam. The Vietnam War featured the most intense bombing campaign in military history and had massive humanitarian costs. We use a unique U.S. military dataset containing bombing intensity at the district level (N=584). We compare the heavily bombed districts to other districts(More)
This paper proposes a new charge control method for voltage balancing of flying capacitor multilevel converters. Only the signs of the deviations from the nominal capacitor voltages and the sign of the output current are needed to choose proper switching states for charging or discharging the capacitors
International Interactions Empirical and Theoretical Research in International Relations Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: Disaggregating Peace: Domestic Politics and Dispute Outcomes Patricia Lynne Sullivan a; Scott Sigmund Gartner b a Department(More)
How do factors that influence mediation offers affect belligerent behavior? The circumstances that attract potential mediators are not the same as those that make mediation desirable to belligerents. Third parties offer mediation when the conflict is intense, generation of an agreement is likely and they have ties to the conflict. However, mediation is less(More)
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