Scott Shorey Brown

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Applications that have access to user intent and task context can support better, faster decision-making on the part of the user. In this paper, we present AUTOS, an approach to the implementation of individual and team intent inference. AUTOS uses observable contextual clues to infer current operator task state and predict future task state. Guided by the(More)
iii To Kristin iv Acknowledgements I would first like to express my profound gratitude to my thesis advisor and mentor, Kevin Zumbrun, for his steadfast encouragement, patience, guidance, and friendship throughout my postgraduate career. I would like to thank my sweet wife Kristin for being my partner and companion throughout college and graduate school.(More)
The K9ER system was designed to provide veterinary students the opportunity to learn and practice the diagnostic and treatment processes in an emergency room. It can be operated on any personal computer with Windows95 and later. This program was written in PROLOG and C++, and was developed in the LPA WIN-PROLOG programming environment. K9ER was developed(More)
Global health partnerships created to encourage funding efficiencies need to be approached with some caution, with claims for innovation and responsiveness to development needs based on untested assumptions around the potential of some partners to adapt their application, funding and evaluation procedures within these new structures. We examine this in the(More)
The 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, held in Busan, South Korea in November 2011 again promised an opportunity for a "new consensus on development cooperation" to emerge. This paper reviews the recent evolution of the concept of coordination for development assistance in health as the basis from which to understand current discourses. The paper(More)
Preface The goal of this book is to provide an introduction to computer programming, enough to give an adequate background for continuation to a second-semester course in computer science, without disenfranchising students lacking previous programming experience. Students will learn to program in C++, a modern programming language widely used for developing(More)
OBJECTIVE Performance monitoring deficits have been proposed as a cognitive marker involved in the development of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but it is unclear whether these deficits cause impairment when established action sequences conflict with environmental demands. The current study applies a novel data-analytic technique to a(More)