Scott Seongwook Lee

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This paper empirically examines whether certain corporate governance mechanisms are related to the probability of a company restating its earnings. We examine a sample of 159 U.S. public companies that restated earnings and an industry-size matched sample of control firms. We have assembled a novel, hand-collected dataset measuring corporate governance(More)
We examine the penalties imposed on all 585 firms that were targeted by SEC enforcement actions for financial misrepresentation from 1978-2002, which we track through November 15, 2005. The penalties imposed on firms through the legal system appear to be small, as the unconditional mean total of all legal penalties is only $23.5 million per firm. The(More)
Among the problems affecting the current version of TCP are the slow recovery upon a coarse timeout expiration on long, fat pipes, and the reaction to random segment losses. Both problems are known to reduce the throughput of a connection. In our paper, we propose and evaluate the merits of a class of TCP modifications obtained through a source-based(More)
The paper presents approaches for fault tolerance and load balancing in QoS provisioning using multiple alternate paths. The proposed multiple QoS path computation algorithm searches for maximally disjoint (i.e., minimally overlapped) multiple paths such that the impact of link/node failures becomes signiicantly reduced, and the use of multiple paths(More)
— Today's emerging traffic is far removed from the traffic trends seen during the early days of Ethernet technology. As a result, the current IEEE 802.1 standards and its extensions to the Spanning Tree protocol fall short of providing satisfactory quality of service for traffic which has a significant amount of QoS-sensitive multimedia and VOIP traffic. In(More)
— In this paper, we propose the use of QoS routing to enhance the support of IP Telephony. Our proposed scheme is based on QoS intradomain OSPF routing, an extension of the conventional OSPF routing protocol. A Diff Serv model is used (no per flow signalling, nor per flow accounting at intermediate nodes). Processing O/H is shifted from core to edge(More)
We study how career incentives affect who selects into public health jobs and, through selection , their performance while in service. We collaborate with the Government of Zambia to experimentally vary the salience of career vs. social benefits of a newly created health worker position when recruiting agents nationally. We follow the entire first cohort(More)
Efforts to provide connection oriented service over the inherently best-effort Internet started almost right after its birth. Today, there exist a multitude of solutions that have been proposed but have never been implemented due to their impracticability. We propose a practical solution for fast, low cost, scalable, and yet accurate QoS routing. We propose(More)
Many firms deploy takeover defenses at the time of their IPOs, although at significantly lower rates than for seasoned corporations. We find that IPO managers deploy takeover defenses particularly when their compensation is high, shareholdings are small, and the oversight from non-managerial shareholders is weak. We also find that the presence of a takeover(More)