Scott S. Fisher

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This paper describes the real time acoustic display capabilities developed for the VIrtual Environment Workstation (VIEW) project at NASA-Ames Research Center. The acoustic display is capable of generating localized acoustic cues in real time over headphones. An auditory symbology, a related collection of representational auditory "objects" or "icons," can(More)
1. Introduction Technological advances over the last 10 years have opened up a new venue for surgical teaching. The introduction of simulators and virtual reality provide a place to gain surgical experience without putting patients at risk.[1] We have accepted this great advantage and simply inserted simulators wherever possible into our current training(More)
This paper describes a program of research to develop and implement an integrated system of data collection and authoring tools and a concomitant infrastructure for collecting and presenting a range of information about a specific location in a Mixed Reality experience. The system has been designed so that a wide range of users such as scientific domain(More)
The Virtual Explorer project of the Senses Bureau at the University of California, San Diego, focuses on creating immersive, highly interactive environments for education and scientic visualization which are designed to be educational—and exciting , playful, and enjoyable, as well. We have created an integrated model system on human immunology to(More)
This paper presents an automotive lifelogging system that uses in-car sensors to engage drivers in ongoing discoveries about their vehicle, driving environment, and social context throughout the lifecycle of their car. A goal of the design is to extend the typical contexts of automotive user-interface design by (1) looking inward to the imagined character(More)
I really apologize. I promised everyone I would come out wearing the data suit, but it just slipped my mind and I never got around to it. Actually Marvin Minsky was saying that the thing to do would be to come out with nothing on because that would be the perfect interface to the computer. So I kind of shunned the whole thing off at that point.We just heard(More)
The goal of this research is to explore potential applications of location-based information and communication services over wireless networks with the intention of enabling a mobile user to browse a spatially correspondent multimedia information database about a specific location as it changes over time, to post location-specific information, or to access(More)