Scott Ross

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of an active strategy to implement the validated Canadian C-Spine Rule into multiple emergency departments. DESIGN Matched pair cluster randomised trial. SETTING University and community emergency departments in Canada. Participants 11 824 alert and stable adults presenting with blunt trauma to the head or neck at(More)
Original approval signatures are on file with the Graduate School and the University of Oregon Libraries. Bullying behaviors are a growing concern in U.S. schools, and are documented to have detrimental effects for victims, perpetrators, and bystanders. Most interventions focused on bully prevention either have limited empirical support, or focus primarily(More)
Prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms six months after bacterial gastroenteritis, and risk factors for development of the irritable bowel syndrome: postal survey of patients. 3 Barber R, Blakey A. Prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms after bacterial gastroenteritis: study did not include control group. Out of hours primary care has undergone radical(More)
Like Sisyphus, effects houses continue to push the stone up the mountain every year. On a marquee visual effects block-buster, their clients have the opportunity to reap great rewards. But with little to no profit, huge risks, unbelievable capital needs, increasingly higher salaries, we need to own the content we create. Visual effects studios must become(More)
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