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The endosomal compartment of polarized epithelial cells is a major crossroads for membrane traffic. Proteins entering this compartment from the cell surface are sorted for transport to one of several destinations: recycling to the original cell surface, targeting to lysosomes for degradation, or transcytosis to the opposite surface. The polymeric(More)
Huntington's disease and several other neurological diseases are caused by expanded polyglutamine [poly(Gln)] tracts in different proteins. Mechanisms for expanded (>36 Gln residues) poly(Gln) toxicity include the formation of aggregates that recruit and sequester essential cellular proteins [Preisinger, E., Jordan, B. M., Kazantsev, A. & Housman, D. (1999)(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of an active strategy to implement the validated Canadian C-Spine Rule into multiple emergency departments. DESIGN Matched pair cluster randomised trial. SETTING University and community emergency departments in Canada. Participants 11 824 alert and stable adults presenting with blunt trauma to the head or neck at(More)
Replacement of iron with cobalt(III) selectively introduces a deep trap in the folding-energy landscape of the heme protein cytochrome c. Remarkably, neither the protein structure nor the folding thermodynamics is perturbed by this metal-ion substitution, as shown by data from spectroscopic and x-ray diffraction experiments. Through kinetics measurements,(More)
Acknowledgements Many thanks to (in no particular order) Love for help, advice, and friendship during my time in the Mayo lab. You folks made the lab a great place to learn and do research. Thanks especially to Shannon Marshall for numerous interesting discussions, and to Chantal Morgan for teaching me how to take apart and reassemble nearly every(More)
Polyamides composed of N-methylpyrrole (Py), N-methylimidazole (Im) and N-methylhydroxypyrrole (Hp) amino acids linked by beta-alanine (beta) bind the minor groove of DNA in 1:1 and 2:1 ligand to DNA stoichiometries. Although the energetics and structure of the 2:1 complex has been explored extensively, there is remarkably less understood about 1:1(More)
Like Sisyphus, effects houses continue to push the stone up the mountain every year. On a marquee visual effects block-buster, their clients have the opportunity to reap great rewards. But with little to no profit, huge risks, unbelievable capital needs, increasingly higher salaries, we need to own the content we create. Visual effects studios must become(More)
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