Scott Rennie

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The Bloom protein (BLM) and Topoisomerase IIIalpha are found in association with proteins of the Fanconi anemia (FA) pathway, a disorder manifesting increased cellular sensitivity to DNA crosslinking agents. In order to determine if the association reflects a functional interaction for the maintenance of genome stability, we have analyzed the effects of(More)
Biallelic mutations in BLM cause Bloom syndrome (BS), a genome instability disorder characterized by growth retardation, sun sensitivity and a predisposition to cancer. As evidence of decreased genome stability, BS cells demonstrate not only elevated levels of spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs), but also exhibit chromosomal radial formation. The(More)
The synthesis ofglycinebetaine may proceed by two possible routes: (a) by the stepwise methylation of glycine, with sarcosine and dimethylglycine as intermediates, or (b) by the stepwise methylation of ethanolamine to choline with subsequent oxidation of the latter base. In certain animal tissues there is abundant evidence of the formation of betaine by(More)
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