Scott R. Jackson

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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and spectrum of GI complaints in a group of Persian Gulf veterans (PGV) and to compare these data to a group of veterans (controls) from the same unit who were not deployed to the Persian Gulf region. METHODS A 68-item survey was distributed to 136 members of a single National Guard Unit. The survey asked the(More)
BACKGROUND We suspected, based on clinical experience, that the prevalence of both intracardiac and pulmonary arteriovenous malformations (PAVMs) is higher than previously reported in a healthy population when using modern ultrasound technology combined with a rigorous saline contrast echocardiogram (SCE) protocol. We hypothesized the prevalence of(More)
OBJECTIVE The study aims were to estimate the prevalence of erosive tooth wear (ETW) in children and to specifically examine its association with race/ethnicity and obesity in the United States. DESIGN We analysed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2003-2004. ETW was measured using the modified Smith and Knight Tooth(More)
BACKGROUND The end-stage renal disease Medical Evidence Report serves as a source of comorbid condition data for risk adjustment of quality metrics. We sought to compare comorbid condition data in the Medical Evidence Report around dialysis therapy initiation with diagnosis codes in Medicare claims. STUDY DESIGN Observational cohort study using US Renal(More)
Accurately perceiving non-native speech sounds is known to be very difficult. Numerous studies provide strong and converging evidence that this difficulty varies systematically, depending on the properties of the non-native sounds and the native language of the listener. There is substantially less research on how phonetic and phonological structure relates(More)
BACKGROUND In 2004, the State of Wisconsin introduced a change to their Medicaid Policy allowing medical care providers to be reimbursed for fluoride varnish treatment provided to Medicaid enrolled children. OBJECTIVE To determine the extent by which a state-level policy change impacted access to fluoride varnish treatment (FVT) for Medicaid enrolled(More)
OBJECTIVE In 2004, Wisconsin Medicaid policy changed to allow medical care providers to be reimbursed for fluoride varnish treatment (FVT) to children's teeth to improve access and utilization. To date, no study has been published on whether geographic and racial/ethnic variation in the provision of FVT in response to this policy change exists. This study's(More)
BACKGROUND Medicaid enrollees experience a number of barriers that prevent them from seeking care in dental offices, leading some to repeatedly seek treatment for nontraumatic dental conditions (NTDCs) in emergency departments (EDs) and physicians' offices (POs). The authors examined the rate of return visits to EDs and POs for treatment of NTDCs among(More)
The objective of this retrospective review was to determine whether time efficiency could be gained by optimizing the navigation protocol based on a surgeon's specific technique and work flow. Three groups of 30 consecutive patients operated on by the same surgeon were studied. The groups were from three distinct periods between 2002 and 2008. The first(More)
OBJECTIVE Language barriers have been well documented as a contributing factor to disparities in the receipt of medical services, especially for Hispanic children. However, there is a paucity of information on the effect of language barriers on children's dental service utilization. We examined the association of primary language spoken at home with the(More)