Scott R. Fry

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BACKGROUND Serological tests for IgM and IgG are routinely used in clinical laboratories for the rapid diagnosis of dengue and can differentiate between primary and secondary infections. Dengue virus non-structural protein 1 (NS1) has been identified as an early marker for acute dengue, and is typically present between days 1-9 post-onset of illness but(More)
Two label-free biosensor platforms, Resonance Waveguide Grating (RWG) and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), were used to rank a large panel of anti-dengue virus NS1 antibodies. Dengue non-structural 1 (NS1) protein is an established serological marker for the early detection of dengue infection. A variety of commercial dengue NS1 antigen capture immunoassays(More)
The immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a DNA vaccine encoding a genetically inactivated S1 domain of pertussis toxin was evaluated using a murine respiratory challenge model of Bordetella pertussis infection. It was found that mice immunized via the intramuscular route elicited a purely cell-mediated immune response to the DNA vaccine, with high(More)
Fusion of the viral envelope with host cell membranes is an essential step in the life cycle of all enveloped viruses. Despite such a clear target for antiviral drug development, few anti-fusion drugs have progressed to market. One significant hurdle is the absence of a generic, high-throughput, reproducible fusion assay. Here we report that real time,(More)
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