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The use of ultrasound in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of 5 patients with renal abscesses is described. A spectrum of ultrasonic findings was noted, with the majority of the lesions being anechoic (3 cases). However, a few lesions showed a mixed pattern (2 cases). Ultrasonic aspiration of abscess fluid for culture and sensitivity obviated an(More)
This paper presents the results of a series of analyses performed on direct mail data. A total of 577 features were used to identify individuals who were most likely to respond to a life insurance mailing. The tools used for these analyses were support vector machines (SVMs), logistic regression, and a series of algorithms employed automatically using the(More)
The nature of primary hepatic malignancy and the magnitude of operative procedures for treatment dictate that hepatic resection be carried out only when there is the chance of cure. Following resection, a sufficient amount of liver with an intact afferent and efferent vascular system must remain to sustain life. Complete hepatic angiographic evaluation by(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine the effects of vitamin C supplementation 48 h before slaughter on plasma ascorbic acid and oxalate concentrations and its effect on pork quality. In Exp. 1, 16 pigs (87.8+/-2.13 kg BW) were blocked by sex and weight and assigned randomly within block to one of three vitamin C treatments: 1) control; 2) 1,000 mg/L;(More)
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