Scott Phelps

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To assess the nature and extent of ultrastructural damage due to low unilateral intracerebroventricular doses of kainic acid, treated rats were killed at survival times from 8 h to 14 weeks. Degenerative changes in field CA1 of the hippocampus included dark profiles (often presynaptic), lucent areas enveloping axonic or dendritic elements, damaged myelin(More)
Course description This course examines the expansion and proliferation of the neurosciences from the early modern period to the present. We will investigate the recent claim that we are living in the midst of a "neuro-revolution" with vast social, political, and economic consequences around the globe. Yet at the same time, we will look to the past for(More)
The Austrian psychiatrist Theodor Meynert's anatomical theories of the brain and nerves are laden with metaphorical imagery, ranging from the colonies of empire to the tentacles of jellyfish. This paper analyses among Meynert's earliest works a different set of less obvious metaphors, namely, the fibres, threads, branches and paths used to elaborate the(More)
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