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Olson Brandy M. The schools in the United States are becoming increasingly diverse. This diversity makes it necessary for teachers to recognize the importance of students' heritage and the influence of this heritage on participation in school. A preservice class on multiculturalism can give future teachers knowledge about different cultures. This knowledge,(More)
Strand Troy C. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association – 5 th Edition Professional wrestling has become the latest fad among children and adolescents. There is a concern among the public and school personnel, including teachers, school psychologists, and counselors, that it influences children's behavior in an aggressive manner. It is(More)
Delforge Sarah R. There has been an ongoing debate as to what is the most beneficial environment for children during their pre-kindergarten years to prepare them for kindergarten. A review of literature showed that there is a debate as to what is considered kindergarten ready depending on what the educators and parents are most concerned with, academics or(More)
Peerenboom, Timothy D. Autism is a complex disorder that affects a child's social skills, communication skills and restricts a child's activities and interests (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Since Kanner first identified autism in 1943 (Gresham et al., 1999), several theories regarding causes, treatments, and research directions have been(More)
Stang Patricia A. Almost from birth, the procession to learning language begins from responding to noises in the environment to learning new information throughout the lifespan. Yet, not every child learns how to speak properly. These children can benefit from tutoring. Whether discussing concepts with the teacher or studying with a classmate, tutoring has(More)
Siders Jennifer J. This pilot study investigated the immediate effects of providing college students with social norms messages regarding peer alcohol consumption on a self-report measure of drinking behaviors. The research hypothesis for this study is that college students who are informed about social norms on campus will report their own drinking(More)
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