Scott Needham

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Nonpoint-pollution models estimate loadings of chemicals, sediment, and nutrients that dcgrade water quality. Before controls can be implemented, location and severity of pollution must be identified in the watershed basin. Geographic information systems (GISs) are computer-automated, data management systems simplifying the input, organization, analysis,(More)
The vast majority of studies on tumour vasculature are performed on transplanted tumours in rodents. However, it is known that there may be differences between primary and transplanted lesions. The purpose of this study is to test whether a specific vascular response is similar in primary tumours and in transplanted tumours derived from them. The technique(More)
In this paper we present our initial work on a mobile phone application for assisting stroke rehabilitation. We believe that using a mobile phone to administer and track stroke rehabilitation is novel. We call our system Dr. Droid and focus on the automated scoring of motions performed by patients being administered the Wolf Motor Function Test (WMFT) by(More)
A major issue slowing the development of cluster computers is that programs that efficiently take advantage of them are difficult to write. Cluster programming adds a whole facet to sequential programming; requiring specification of not just when an operation will run, but also where it will be ran. Communications packages such as MPI and PVM explicitly(More)
Attempts to selectively reduce tumour blood flow have, in the past, concentrated on the use of hydralazine. However, although this vasodilator can be highly effective in experimental animals, it is only at such high concentration as to result in a severe and clinically unacceptable reduction in systemic blood pressure. At clinically acceptable levels, the(More)
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