Scott Morton

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Management in the 1990s is an industry and governmental agency supported research program. Its aim is to develop a better understanding of the managerial issues of the 1990s and how to deal most effectively with them, particularly as these issues revolve around anticipated advances in Information Technology. Assisting the work of the Sloan School scholars(More)
Shot profile migration provides a convenient framework for implementation of a differential semblance algorithm for estimation of complex, strongly refracting velocity fields. The objective function minimized in this algorithm may measure either focussing of the image in offset or flatness of the image in (scattering) angle. The gradient of this objective(More)
Unmanned solar powered aircraft offer a unique set of advanced capabilities and have set general aviation records for longest continuous flight and greatest sustained altitude. However, the application of solar powered flight to small scale solar powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has seen sparse research activity and is only partially explored. The(More)
An aircraft that is capable of continuous flight offers a new level of autonomous capacity for unmanned aerial vehicles. We present an overview of the components and concepts of a small scale unmanned aircraft that is capable of sustaining powered flight without a theoretical time limit. We then propose metrics that quantify the robustness of continuous(More)
At the 51st Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium we presented a preliminary design for a robotic arm to assist an individual living within an assistive technology smart home. The individual controls much of their environment with a Dynavox Maestro communication device. However, the device obstructs the individual’s line of site when navigating about the(More)
Knowledge of changes in reservoir properties resulting from extracting hydrocarbons or injecting fluid is critical to future production planning. Full-waveform inversion (FWI) of time-lapse seismic data provides a quantitative approach to characterize the changes by taking the difference of the inverted baseline and monitor models. The baseline and monitor(More)
Some individuals with disabilities who use wheelchairs utilize communication devices to control their environment. Such devices are typically mounted on a fixed arm in a manner that obstructs the line of sight of a user when navigating the wheelchair. Some individuals with disabilities who utilize wheelchairs have limited or no control of arm or head(More)