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Email alerting services articles cite this article to receive free e-mail alerts when new www.gsapubs.org/cgi/alerts click Subscribe to subscribe to Geology official positions of the Society. citizenship, gender, religion, or political viewpoint. Opinions presented in this publication do not reflect presentation of diverse opinions and positions by(More)
We propose the idea of an online, user submitted digital library of recreation trails. Digital libraries of trails offer advantages over paper guidebooks in that they are more accurate, dynamic and not limited to the experience of the author(s). The basic representation of a trail is a GPS track log, recorded as recreators travel on trails. As users(More)
Gastric cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths, but analysis of its molecular and clinical characteristics has been complicated by histological and aetiological heterogeneity. Here we describe a comprehensive molecular evaluation of 295 primary gastric adenocarcinomas as part of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project. We propose a molecular(More)
Recent research has shown that negative emotional states of increased anxiety and sadness prospectively predict the occurrence of persecutory ideation, but it is not known whether these findings extend to other subtypes of delusions. The current study explored whether these negative emotional states, as well as hallucinations, biased reasoning style (ie,(More)
We propose to deploy and exploit a large number of inexpensive sensors to obtain information or trigger actions over a wide geographic area. Sensors may be of diverse physical natures: acoustic , IR, seismic, chemical, magnetic, thermal, etc. We describe here three major issues: (1) sensor distribution patterns, (2) local sensor frames, and (3) autonomous(More)
Direct PCR detection of bacteria in clinical samples is often hindered by the presence of compounds that inhibit the PCR. To improve and accelerate the diagnosis of Mycobacterium avium-M. intracellulare complex infections, an immunomagnetic PCR (IM-PCR) assay was developed. This IM-PCR procedure combines the separation of mycobacteria by antimycobacterial(More)
We present a statistical learning approach for finding recreational trails in aerial images. While the problem of recognizing relatively straight and well defined roadways in digital images has been well studied in the literature, the more difficult problem of extracting trails has received no attention. However, trails and rough roads are less likely to be(More)
Management and Budget's Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review, the study was reviewed both internally and externally prior to publication. For purposes of external review, the study benefited from the advice and comments from individuals representing non-profit organizations, industry trade associations, wind turbine manufacturers, and other federal(More)
True natural language understanding requires the ability to identify and understand metaphorical utterances, which are ubiquitous in human communication of all kinds. At present, however, even the problem of identifying metaphors in arbitrary text is very much an unsolved problem, let alone analyzing their meaning. Furthermore, no current methods can be(More)