Scott M. Parker

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This experiment determined the effects of large unilateral lesions of the anteromedial cortex (AMC) on visually guided performance of rats in a cross maze. Deficits were found in the approach to only visual cues that were located in the arm contralateral to the lesion. The deficit appeared in three testing conditions: when the cue was continuously visible(More)
The rapidly expanding telecommunications market has led to a need for advanced rf integrated circuits. Complex rfand mixed-signal system-on-chip designs require accurate prediction early in the design schedule, and time-to-market pressures dictate that design iterations be kept to a minimum. Signal integrity is seen as a key issue in typical applications,(More)
Stimulation electrodes were implanted in 63 rats at a total of 208 sites in the diencephalon and midbrain. The sites were tested for elicited forward locomotion, i.e., alternate stepping of the forelimbs and/or hindlimbs, while the rats stood on a treadmill belt in a 27 X 9 X 24-cm chamber. Current levels of 50-300 microA and pulse frequencies of 50, 100(More)
We propose a scalable RF subcircuit FET model using BSIM3v3 by adding one of BSIM4's Intrinsic Input Resistance (JIR) models (rgateMod=3) for SI 1 scalability as well as a simple RC substrate network with well defined intrinsic FET's parasitic estimation including partitioned junction diodes for S22 scalability. Using this simple model, we could achieve a(More)
This report describes a patient with end-stage renal disease secondary to long-standing type II diabetes mellitus who received a cadaveric renal transplant from a 37-year-old woman who died of massive cerebral infarction. An autopsy performed on the donor following organ procurement revealed no obvious contraindications to transplantation. A renal biopsy of(More)
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