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We have used the Sydney University Stellar Interferometer (SUSI) to measure the angular diameter of β Hydri. This star is a nearby G2 subgiant whose mean density was recently measured with high precision using asteroseismology. We determine the radius and effective temperature of the star to be 1.814 ± 0.017 R ⊙ (0.9%) and 5872 ± 44 K (0.7%) respectively.(More)
Polycapillary optics, shaped arrays consisting of hundreds of thousands of hollow glass capillary tubes, can be used to redirect, collimate, or focus x-ray beams. X rays emitted over a large angular range from conventional, laboratory-based sources can be transformed into a beam with a small angular divergence or focused onto a small sample or sample area.(More)
Multilayer x-ray optics provide a useful alternative to perfect crystal optics when used as beam conditioners for hard x-rays (~8 keV) in applications that do not require high energy and/or angular resolution. Perfect crystal optics, however, can be cut in such a way that allows one to partially engineer the input and output beam widths and divergence to(More)
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