Scott M. Hynes

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BACKGROUND Recent reports suggest that intensive, progressive training on working memory tasks can lead to generalized cognitive gains. CASE STUDY A patient, following hypoxic brain damage, showed significant difficulties in working memory and time-perception. This study examined the impact and specificity of any benefits resulting from automated working(More)
BACKGROUND Multitasking measures, in which a series of tasks must be completed within a naturalistic setting not fully under the experimenter's control, have been shown to be more sensitive than traditional measures in detecting organisational problems in people with difficulties in executive functioning. There are a number of drawbacks to such tasks(More)
To develop a population pharmacokinetic model to quantitate the distribution kinetics of glycylsarcosine (GlySar), a substrate of peptide transporter 2 (PEPT2), in blood, CSF and kidney in wild-type and PEPT2 knockout mice. A stepwise compartment modeling approach was performed to describe the concentration profiles of GlySar in blood, CSF, and kidney(More)
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