Scott M. Bailey

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M. Mahowald, in his work on bo-resolutions, constructed a bo-module splitting of the spectrum bo ∧ bo into a wedge of summands related to integral Brown-Gitler spectra. In this paper, a similar splitting of bo ∧ tmf is constructed. This splitting is then used to understand the bo *-algebra structure of bo * tmf and allows for a description of bo * tmf.
[1] The nitric oxide (NO) density in the lower thermosphere has been calculated by a photochemical model for NOx and compared with measured NO densities from Student Nitric Oxide Explorer (SNOE). At higher latitudes the most important contributor for NO density increases is energetic electron precipitation. The electron energy is estimated in two ways, from(More)
Beginning on March 11, 1998, the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer (SNOE) satellite has made daily observations of the solar soft x-ray irradiance. These measurements are carried out by a multi-channel photometer system utilizing x-ray sensitive photodiodes with individual thin film filters. Current from the photodiodes is analyzed in terms of a solar reference(More)
Rapid freezing is the most important step in sample preparation for freeze-fracture and other cryotechniques for electron microscopy. We present the design and operation of a simple environmental chamber coupled to a plunger-driven freezing device that has provided simple and reliable freezing from temperatures and humidities other than ambient. The chamber(More)
[1] Temperature, or alternatively, saturation vapor pressure (P SAT), dominantly controls the polar mesospheric cloud (PMC) seasonal onset and termination, characterized by a strong anticorrelated relationship between the Solar Occultation for Ice Experiment (SOFIE)-observed PMC frequency and P SAT on intraseasonal time scales. SOFIE is highly sensitive to(More)
Computations involving the so-called root invariant prompted Mahowald and Shick to develop the slogan: " the root invariant of v n-periodic homotopy is v n-torsion. " While neither a proof, nor a precise statement, of this slogan appears in the literature numerous authors have offered computational evidence lending further credence toward its truth. The(More)