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Sociologists often describe culture as a repertoire of shared understandings. But because the meanings that social actors attribute to symbols and actions emerge from the multiple associations they make between them, delineating collectively shared understandings is not a straightforward task. Standard quantitative sociological practice, which relies on the(More)
This paper investigates the joint effects of academic self-efficacy and stress on the academic performance of 107 nontraditional, largely immigrant and minority, college freshmen at a large urban commuter institution. We developed a survey instrument to measure the level of academic self-efficacy and perceived stress associated with 27 college-related(More)
Using data from the 1982 National Long-Term Care Survey, this study examines the relationship between marital status and two dimensions of caregiving networks, size and composition. Results indicate that widowed and never married people have helping networks that are larger than those of married people. Diversity across marital statuses in sources of(More)
OBJECTIVE Research has increasingly focused on the dynamic nature of disability and depressive symptoms in later life. Little research, however, has modeled disability and depressive symptoms as dynamic, related processes. Furthermore, virtually no research has considered social support as dynamic across age. Here, we investigate the relationship between(More)
An Internet router was integrated into the UK-DMC remote-sensing satellite as a secondary experimental payload. This commercial product has been orbiting in space for over three years. We describe the integration of the router and satellite and the successful on-orbit testing of the router, which took place using the Virtual Mission Operations Center (VMOC)(More)
OBJECTIVES As people age, their peers (who are also aging) become increasingly susceptible to health decline and death, implying potential growth in stressful loss-related events over time for the individual. Yet little research has examined trajectories of stress and their relationship to trajectories of depression among elders. The purpose of this(More)
OBJECTIVES Research shows declining disability rates, but little is known about whether cohort differences are due to delayed onset, increased recovery, or reduced severity of impairment. Furthermore, disease is considered the proximate cause of disability yet chronic conditions rates are increasing, making it unclear whether the conditions predicting(More)
OBJECTIVES Research on disability and active life expectancy (ALE) has often criticized the measurement of disability but has rarely empirically investigated the effect of changing measurement. The purpose of this study was to determine whether altering the number of activities of daily living (ADLs) required to consider an individual "disabled" affects(More)