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Email alerting services articles cite this article to receive free e-mail alerts when new www.gsapubs.org/cgi/alerts click Subscribe to subscribe to Geology official positions of the Society. citizenship, gender, religion, or political viewpoint. Opinions presented in this publication do not reflect presentation of diverse opinions and positions by(More)
Gastric cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths, but analysis of its molecular and clinical characteristics has been complicated by histological and aetiological heterogeneity. Here we describe a comprehensive molecular evaluation of 295 primary gastric adenocarcinomas as part of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project. We propose a molecular(More)
Recent research has shown that negative emotional states of increased anxiety and sadness prospectively predict the occurrence of persecutory ideation, but it is not known whether these findings extend to other subtypes of delusions. The current study explored whether these negative emotional states, as well as hallucinations, biased reasoning style (ie,(More)
Management and Budget's Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review, the study was reviewed both internally and externally prior to publication. For purposes of external review, the study benefited from the advice and comments from individuals representing non-profit organizations, industry trade associations, wind turbine manufacturers, and other federal(More)
True natural language understanding requires the ability to identify and understand metaphorical utterances, which are ubiquitous in human communication of all kinds. At present, however, even the problem of identifying metaphors in arbitrary text is very much an unsolved problem, let alone analyzing their meaning. Furthermore, no current methods can be(More)
The international community has ambitious goals for responding to climate change and increasing global access to energy services. To date, these agendas have been viewed to be largely complementary. However, policy makers are now facing more explicit interactions between environment, energy, and economic and social development objectives and associated(More)
" …future disasters…if we simply stay the current course…will keep coming with ever more ferocious intensity. " —Naomi Klein, 2007 " Meet me in the land of hope and dreams. " —Bruce Springsteen, 1999 At the core of Henry Giroux's latest, and perhaps most incisive, encompassing and challenging book, Against the Terror of Neoliberalism, are urgent questions(More)
An experiment was conducted in a linear cascade of Pak-B blades for an exit Mach number of 0.3 to simulate the flow in the tip-gap region of a low pressure turbine blade row. The experiment focused on the independent effects of thickness-to-gap and gap-to-chord ratios on the tip-gap flow behavior. Two extreme gap-to-chord ratios of 5% and 8% were chosen,(More)
The production of accurate, digital trail representations is a necessary component of map making and trail user simulation. Typically, land managers, recreationalists and those who study trail use are interested not in a single trail but in an area which contains a complex network of trails and roads. GPS receivers facilitate the capture of accurate trail(More)